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The ClockTower - BleedingRomantic [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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The ClockTower [Jan. 12th, 2015|03:47 pm]
"The ClockTower"

It's that same familiar moment
Awake embracing the ache
Where I stare at the ClockTower
In the midst of Summer
Through my open window
The warmth of the linens
Almost soaked through
Entangling my body
Just as you would me
My heart is a hammer
I can feel it heavy
Too heavy for you
And just out of my reach

This is how I spend my nights
The time is simply Darkness
Too hard for my eyes to be precise
It's somewhere between midnight
And who the hell cares?
The soft strum of its chords
Faintly audible gears
Would surely lull most asleep
Yet among the many
Is never me

So as sleep still eludes
And I am once again struggling
With how this chasm can exist
I feel like I'm chasing smoke
Once again, furiously grasping
But smoke is always wisping
And such beauty as the wisp
Stokes the little hope I have
That I can someday be that --
The Wisp -- and be chased
Because someday I long
To be so beautiful
As beautiful as I once found you
And finally free

It is sometime between midnight
And does it really, truly matter?
My dearest ClockTower
All I know to be real
Still, here I lay awake
With you on my mind,
And in my thoughts
It's beyond heart-wrenching
Knowing you aren't suffering
The same as I have
And still am

© Brian Milici
January 12, 2015