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The One Betrayed [Mar. 1st, 2015|05:20 am]
And sometimes the inspiration comes from the world I left, and the world I sometimes relive…

“The One Betrayed”

Speak softly, sweetheart
Whisper in my hooded ear
Tell me all those wistful lies
You crafted so carefully
With such treachery
Covered in honey
As if somehow believing
In each one
Would make you less disgusting
Than what the truth would reveal

Oh, the mind
So oft a beautiful thing
Even it struggled
Felt uncomfortable
Could barely conceal
Skipped over the why’s
Embraced a web of
Cold, wicked lies
Spun in silk and in sin
And done so..
So very willingly

Performer; you
Fool; me

So, tonight
Do you still justify
Inside your head
That I was the fault
The fissure; the failed artist of heart
The mistake – fully responsible
For this chasm
For this fall
For your misery?

Tonight, oh
And every other
Godforsaken night
Do you still play
The one love lost
Paying a terrible, unfair cost?

Do you still play
The one betrayed?

© Brian Milici
March 1, 2015

May you always find your smile.