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Cherish You - BleedingRomantic [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Cherish You [Mar. 23rd, 2015|04:54 am]
And sometimes the inspiration comes from old lines in the written poems of my heart..

“Cherish You”

I lay here wanting
Puzzling about inside my head
How it is I managed you
Outfought the damaged you
And somehow found the
So very close to marriage you
Laying here next to me
Inside the battlefield of love
That is our bed
I sigh happily and so deeply
Drawing in a soulful breath
As I curl your sheet-less leg
About my very own
How is it I managed you
And have kept you from
Your greatest doubter –
The embarrassed you
Your mind an unstable ladder
Thoughts so frantic, so flurried
A doorway to disaster
That would – once opened
Only seek to vanish you
And set free the fury of
The embattled you
Wanting to perish you
And that’s precisely when I
Place my hand in your own
Press my lips to you in a sweet kiss
And we share the soulful air
Consume the fears
Breathing softly away
All the worries and doubt
That do not cherish you
That do not bandage you
I will not abandon you!
Not ever! Not Now!
I will not walk away from you
Should you falter
Should you Fall
I shall reach down
I shall carry you
Until the doorway you see
Is the one that leads
Away from doubt and to me
I will carry you
I will bandage you
I will cherish you
And then marry you
In the magic moment of
Our own storybook ending
A fairy tale wedding
In the wisps of the Willows
In our garden of Fall

© Brian Milici
March 23, 2015

Feedback adored.

May you always find your smile.