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And sometimes the inspiration comes from the moments you hold and… - BleedingRomantic [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Aug. 16th, 2013|03:12 pm]
[Current Location |Amidst the fading starlight]
[music |"Yellow Paper" by Royal Teeth]

And sometimes the inspiration comes from the moments you hold and the ones you never make..


It's a rumbling night kind of sky
The temperature dips ever so slightly
And my eyes - they fall
They fall so very far
Just as my heart did
When I first saw you
Your magical smile
Those crimson lips
I shall never forget

See, you are the hardest part of sleep
At least you are for me
It is not a fear of dreams, no
Because in those I hold you
I feel you
I am finally with you
No, it's the falling
That's the part that keeps me up
Awake and away
From meeting you
In my wistful dreams

The clock tips forward
As my thoughts dip lower
Into where you might be
Which bed
With which man
That I was never meant to be
Tell me that I am not lost
That only you lay naked
Tangled as much in innocence
As your satin sheets
Tell me that another night stolen
Was worth every moment
That I was on your mind
Cause you are with mine
Racing toward the same point
A line to cross without a finish
That's you for me

Silent in the night
I thoughtfully grieve
Until a crack of thunder
Pierces my life
Louder than my voice can ever be
Still, I bellow to you that I am lost!
Without focus
My feet may as well be frozen
I am so hopeless
You always seem so close
Yet just out of reach

So lie to me, darling
Fix this broken clock
Inside my heart
Patch the leaking sink
That ruins me from beneath
Sooth me with your pretty words
Some thoughtful and romantic verse
And I will listen
I will listen
You see even in deceit
I'll always believe

© Brian Milici
August 16, 2013

If you enjoy new music made by young artists who are also awesome people then go buy Royal Teeth's new CD Glow.. The songs are almost all amazing, but go out of your way to hear "Yellow Paper" and "We Can Glow" .. you won't be disappointed. I promise.

It's a beautiful world.

May you always find your smile.